Habitat Connectivity

The Lawton Review coined the mantra “more, bigger, better and joined” to describe the required actions to deliver conservation at a landscape-scale. This phrase had far reaching impact, far beyond that imagined by it’s authors, and is even the strapline for the Greater Thames Marshes NIA. But how has this been implemented? And what does it mean in the Greater Thames?

As part of a wider network of “best practice” events, the NIA programme is hosting a 2-day workshop on habitat connectivity, with an aim to capture the range of approaches taken by partnerships and capture key learning points (for more information on the event, to be held on 24th and 25th Feb, contact us).

To support this event, we have produced a poster which summarises how we have tackled the tricky issue of prioritising actions to deliver a healthy ecological network in the Greater Thames Marshes. Download it here for more details!

Connectivity Poster - Image



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