NEW! Sustainable Access Report

As part of our work contributing to objective 3 “partnership delivery on the ground” the NIA has supported the work of the North Kent Environmental Planning Group looking specifically at managing impacts of recreational disturbance on birds. Recreational disturbance is an important issue; internationally important populations of birds rely upon the Thames Estuary and Marshes for feeding and rest as part of their exhausting annual migrations, but we want members of the public to be able to access and enjoy the natural environment – this work helps us achieve the right balance.

Flock of Knot and Oystercatcher taking flight near walkers

This work builds on techniques developed in the Solent and Exe estuaries, with two key reports published for the NIA:

  1. Bird disturbance study – this assessed and analysed the relationship between shore based recreation and disturbance to birds
  2. Strategic mitigation report – this provides a range of evidence-based options for local authorities and developers to implement to sustainably manage the impacts of recreational disturbance

Both reports are available for download from the “Focus On… Planning” section of this site. The NIA will seek to facilitate better join up between this work in Kent with partners in Essex, to maximise the benefits of this work.

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