About Us

We want nature to play a part in the Greater Thames, now and in the future.

Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs) are pilot schemes funded by the Government to bring key partners together to plan and deliver significant improvements for wildlife and people. Read our action plan for 2015-2020. 


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Photo © Dave Pressland “Docklands Cormorant” – Big Picture Competition

State of Nature

60% of all recorded species have declined in the last 50 years.

We can turn things around by delivering more, bigger, better and connected places for nature.



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Photo © Steve Mackay “Golden Egret” – Big Picture Competition

Why Nature?

A healthy nature environment is fundamental to securing a healthy, sustainable economy.

People need nature. Underinvestment in our natural resources will threaten our ability to maximise opportunities in the Thames Gateway.

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Photo © Eleanor Bentall

Success Stories

Since 2012, the NIA has established a track record of delivering landscape scale conservation.

This section is designed to provide case studies of success, and highlight lessons learnt to use in future projects.
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Photo © Stuart Connop

Next Steps

We want to leave a lasting legacy in the Greater Thames Marshes – the good news is that there are plenty of ways for you to get involved.

Partners have identified a number of “oven ready” projects which will deliver our shared objectives.


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Photo © Mark Taylor “Meet the Flockers” – Big Picture Competition Winner

The Greater Thames Marshes Nature Improvement Area

“A living and vibrant marshland and estuary landscape where the skills and enthusiasm of residents, visitors, businesses and technical experts are harnessed to work in partnership, delivering more wildlife, more public understanding and enjoyment of the environment and greater resilience by the natural world to the changes brought about by development and climate change”

The Greater Thames Marshes Nature Improvement Area

Greater Thames Marshes Nature Improvement Area