The Greenest Companies in the USA and Ecological Groups in Nebraska

Newsweek has once again compiled the 2020 Green Rankings, an annual list of the greenest companies in the USA. The most environmentally friendly company in the United States was named IBM, which has been applying a “green” policy in its work for about 40 years. In total, six representatives of the technology sector are added […]

How Much Can The World Spare on Ecology?

Why is the issue of financing environmental protection critical? Environmental costs are an indirect indicator of the attitude of the state and its citizens towards nature. These figures, perhaps, can measure the level of the country’s ecological culture. Let’s look at the issue of ecology from a different, philosophical, point of view. The particle “eco” […]

Bronchial Asthma – Types, Symptoms, Diagnostics, Treatment

Bronchial asthma is a disease caused by bronchial hypersensitivity to different irritants/triggers (in particular, allergens). In response to the action of these stimuli, a narrowing (obstruction) of the bronchi takes place. This process appears due to several reasons: an increase in the bronchial tone, excess bronchial secretion into the lumen and their inflammation. In asthma, […]