Why Nature is Important?

Why nature is important

Today, human society is chasing modern developments, novelties of technology that make life easier and more comfortable. Many people surround themselves with hundreds of unnecessary things that are harmless to the environment. Environmental degradation affects not only the quality of life but also the health and longevity of people.

State of the environment

At the moment, the state of the environment leaves much to be desired: water pollution, depletion of natural resources, the destruction of many species of flora and fauna, air pollution, violation of the regime of water bodies, greenhouse effect, acid rain, the formation of ozone holes, melting glaciers, soil pollution, desertification, global warming, deforestation.

All this leads to the fact that ecosystems change and collapse, territories become unsuitable for the life of people and animals. We breathe in dirty air, we drink dirty water, we suffer from intense ultraviolet radiation. Now the number of cardiovascular, cancer, neurological ailments is increasing; allergies and asthma, diabetes, obesity, sterility, AIDS are spreading. Healthy parents give birth to sick children with chronic diseases, pathologies and mutations.

Consequences of nature depletion

Many people do not even think about what global environmental problems can lead to. The air, in addition to other gases, contains oxygen, which is necessary for every cell of the body of people and animals. If the atmosphere is polluted, people literally will not have enough clean air, which will lead to numerous diseases, rapid aging and premature death.

The lack of water leads to desertification of territories, destruction of flora and fauna, changes in the water cycle in nature and climate change. Not only animals, but also people die from lack of clean water, from exhaustion and dehydration. If the water bodies are still polluted, soon all the supplies of drinking water on the planet will be exhausted. Polluted air, water and land lead to the fact that agricultural products contain harmful substances, so many people cannot eat healthy food.

And what awaits us tomorrow? Over time, environmental problems can reach enormous proportions and one of the scenarios of a film-catastrophe may turn into reality. This will lead to the death of millions of people, disruption of the usual life on earth and endanger the existence of all life on the planet.

The relationship between our prosperous existence and the state of the environment is obvious. If nature suffers, we suffer as well. The most terrible cataclysms (increasingly occurring on the planet) are often the sad result of unreasonable human activities. It is time to think what is more important to us – material well-being or a quiet life surrounded by beautiful nature.