How Much Can The World Spare on Ecology?

How Much Can The World Spare on EcologyWhy is the issue of financing environmental protection critical? Environmental costs are an indirect indicator of the attitude of the state and its citizens towards nature. These figures, perhaps, can measure the level of the country’s ecological culture.

Let’s look at the issue of ecology from a different, philosophical, point of view. The particle “eco” in the word “ecology” in translation from ancient Greek means “house, dwelling.” How much money can the world spare to spend on arranging your home? A good housewife spends much more than 1-2% of the family budget on keeping the house clean and beautiful. But if it comes to the fact that our home is the whole Earth, then on a planetary scale we bring too little funds to the care of our global home; we take for ourselves much more than we give in return.

Indeed, money is a kind of time equivalent. In terms of ecology, money is not just time, it is a period measured for the planet existence. Based on the distribution of funds in the country’s budget, it is often possible to draw conclusions about what is the value and priority at this development stage.

For clarity, let us consider, using the example of an ordinary family’s budget, how money and its distribution reflect its interests and priorities. The family, as a micro-state, sometimes very clearly demonstrates the processes that take place in society. What do you spend the most money on? Food or items, mortgage payments, travel or education?

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In every state, you can immediately identify which areas have advantages considering the budget. By the amount of funds allocated for nature protection in the world, ecology is not a priority area even in the developed countries of Europe and the USA. Judging by the above statistics, politicians are not worried greatly about the deterioration of the environmental situation. Much more relevant, for example, are issues of security and military power, because the costs of the defense industry are much more impressive.

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