The Greenest Companies in the USA and Ecological Groups in Nebraska

The Greenest Companies in the USA and Ecological Groups in NebraskaNewsweek has once again compiled the 2020 Green Rankings, an annual list of the greenest companies in the USA. The most environmentally friendly company in the United States was named IBM, which has been applying a “green” policy in its work for about 40 years. In total, six representatives of the technology sector are added in the top ten American leaders: Hewlett-packard (# 2), Dell (# 5), accenture (# 7), Ca Technologies (# 9), Nvidia (# 10) and, in fact, IBM.

Among the world leaders, only three “technology” brands are included in the top 10 – they are IBM (# 2), Indian Tata Consultancy Services (# 7) and Infosys (# 8). The first place in this rating is occupied by the German financial company Munich Re, and the third – by National Australia Bank.

In the list of the “greenest” companies in the world, only 5 American companies are among the 25 leaders: IBM, Hewlett-packard (No. 15), Sprint Nextel (No. 16), Baxter (No. 24) and Dell (No. 25). According to Newsweek, this situation can be explained by the fact that the US has more liberal environmental legislation – in Europe, companies are forced to comply with stricter environmental standards.

Newsweek’s “green” rating has been published since 2009. It provides 500 American and 500 global companies with an overall rating based on a number of parameters, in particular, their impact on the environment, the effectiveness of environmental management and environmental transparency of activities.

Do people support the green initiative?

741 users of the online crowdfunding platforms took part in the survey. The study showed that the majority of respondents – 63.6% – are ready to support such projects without additional motivation, “because the ecological situation on the planet is already very difficult.”

35.6% of the respondents named the danger of extinction of rare species of animals and plants as an incentive to participate in the ecological crowd-campaign, 16.7% – a resonant event or an ecological catastrophe. 6.2% of respondents answered that they would be influenced by a call from opinion leaders.

Recently, a new category of projects dedicated to ecology and nature was launched, which will bring together all environmental initiatives. Every month, the platform will provide 20 free consultations on running and promoting crowd campaigns for teams that have created a draft of an environmental project.

This project is supported by interest payments from payday loans Nebraska online. Online companies offering these financial services are willing to spend their earned interest rates on drawing people’s attention to the environmental problems of the United States.

Enviromental projects in Nebraska

Nebraska Wildlife Federation

Nebraska Conservation Voters

Environmental Groups in Southeast Nebraska: Lincoln Chapter, Crete Chapter, Climate Reality Campus Corps: Doane University Chapter, Thayer County Chapter, Nebraska Conservation Voters, Sierra Club – Bluestem Special Interest Group

Environmental Groups in Central Nebraska: Grand Island Chapter, Platte Valley Chapter, Loup Valley Chapter

Environmental Groups in West Nebraska: Arapahoe Chapter, Southwest Chapter

Some of environmental groups in United States

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